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In France, a "Baguette" is a bread made of 4 ingredients : water, flour, east and salt. If you put anything else, it is forbidden by law to be called baguette. "Baguette" is a protective designation of origin

Likewise,  a "licensed guide" is a tour guide who has passed an Art & History bachelor degree, and who speaks at least three languages fluently. "Licensed guide" is a job protected by law, as only licensed guides are allowed to speak in Museums such as Louvre, Versailles, D'Orsay... If you talk in a Museum without the license and you are caught, you get a fine... We know it sounds crazy but imagine that in Italy, you need a license to speak about History in the streets! So here we are not part-timers, being tour guides and Art Historians is our full-time job, and with us you will simply discover the best we have in France in a lively and happy way.

            So although in France people do a strike a day while complaining they work to much, two things French people do well are: taking good care of cultural heritage stuffs, and taking good care of History-telling transmission.

You will learn more by our side in 3 hours than by following a 3 months Art History class, and definitely have more fun.

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